Layer Cages for Laying Chickens

laying cage for poultry

layer cage for chickens

Layer cages, usually made from galvanised steel mesh, are manufactured in South Africa. The cages are made to hold at least 3 point of lay chickens per bay – but some farmers place up to 5 birds in a bay. You will need to de-beak chickens that are raised in layer cages. A chicken laying cage is made for factory farming of eggs for eating. The birds will spend their life in the cage standing on a wire mesh floor. When the chicken lays an egg it rolls forward and is caught by a trough that is then cleared 2 – 3 times a day. The cages have nipples for the chickens to drink from and a feeding trough at the front. Most layer cages come un-assembled and need to be crimped together and stacked. They are suitable for small poultry farmers and for large chicken houses. If you have animal rights issues – this form of poultry farming will not be for you. These cages for chickens are high quality galvanised mesh and will last many many years.

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  3. Edmund Jaya says:

    Kindly send me details of sizes (Specifications) for cages that can house 60- 120 layers at any one time.
    Please include Quotations that cover the shiping(delivery) costs.
    You may need to include sketches/pictures of the cages.

    I look forward to you rsponse.
    Thank you

    E. Jaya

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